Chicago Flame Hardening is widely known for its reputation and capabilities in the flame-hardening industry. Another facet of our business is our capability of stress-relieving, drawing, tempering and post-weld heat-treating. Our facility has available to our customers some of the largest capacity furnaces in our area.

There are many sources of residual stresses that can occur during rolling, casting, forging and forming operations such as shearing, bending, drawing and machining. These stresses can also result from welding, fabrication and burning operations.

Thermal stress-relieving is the preferred method of reducing or eliminating residual stress, and the only form of stress-relieving that will lower hardness of burnout plate edges to improve machinability.

There are many benefits to stress-relieving:
- Reduced distortion
- Improved dimensional stability
- Improved machinability
- Reduced risk of stress corrosion cracks near welds
- Improved in-service performance

Stress-relieving today is an increasingly complex operation. Some stress-relieving specifications require and/or dictate a controlled rise to the stress relieving temperature, holding at that temperature for a dictated length of time, followed by a controlled cool down to ambient temperature.

Our continuing commitment toward quality and service has been enhanced by the installation and documentation of:
- Certified thermocouples
- Computerized furnace controllers
- Direct thermocoupling available
- Atmosphere chart recording
- Outside certification of all facets of              furnaces
- All certifications are traceable to national standards
- All certifications are performed on a regular basis

We use car bottom furnaces with no direct flame impingement on the parts being drawn, tempered or stress-relieved. They are multiple zone furnaces, allowing for evenly distributed heating throughout the furnace.

Furnace sizes are:

5' wide x 3' high x 10' long
6' wide x 6' high x 20' long
10' wide x 10' high x 32' long
10' 6" wide x 8' high x 30' long

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